Pleasant Surprises


DC Visitor Fun

DC Fun
June 2015
(Photo image by Sherry Long)

Visiting Washington D.C. is a true treat for me as I possess a deep passion for history, government and communications. Yes I’m a complete nerd.

Yet traveling with my mom and brother, a self-proclaimed sports fanatic, I anticipated the worst on this trip.

Surprisingly, so our trip became delightful and fun.  I thought it would be a struggle to get my brother interested in attending any of the historic sites. Much to my surprise he excitedly wanted to explore D.C. as if he were following a treasure map seeking gold.  This experience for him sparked a desire to encourage him to go back to college.

Lesson learned. Take a chance on people. They might surprise you. When people are exposed to new environments sometimes the experience it opens new possibilities by unlocking their hidden dreams.



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