#Hashtag Power

We’ve all seen the power of the hashtag.

Never underestimate the power a hashtag can have on your campaign or brand.  Image courtesy of Juntae DeLane

Never underestimate the power a hashtag can have on your campaign or brand.
Image courtesy of Juntae DeLane

It’s amazing how a simple # followed by a phrase can join people from down the block, across the state or even around the world together for a common goal. What’s great is the ability for it to transcend multiple social media platforms – Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Sometimes the hashtags, such as #MFFL, commonly used by Dallas Mavericks fans to cheer Dirk and the team on are fun and playful.
Other times the hashtags, such as #ParisAttacks, alert us to real and breaking news that forever change our world.
Do you know how to effectively develop of hashtag phrase to engage your audience?
Try these quick tips to develop a hashtag to improve your odds of going viral:

Research. Research. Research. – This is such an integral step to any communications outreach. Make sure your hashtag does not have a negative contention already associated with it. A great hashtag can provide positive exposure you need. Yet, a tasteless hashtag can be worse than your car’s engine blowing up while your speeding down the highway.
Have a tight grasp on the brand or campaign you are trying to launch – You want something that is classy, but represents the sentiment of your overall message.
Keep it short – Remember Twitter only allows 140 characters including spaces for each tweet. Then you have to keep in mind that your followers or people viewing the hashtag timeline might be interested in, so keep that factor in mind too.

Remember using too many hashtags in your posts will backfire as people will think the posting is too attention seeking and corny. Remember the hilarious Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Twitter song video.

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