PR Pro Community Virtually Mentoring Others

Leaders build other people up. They know the best way to improve the future is to come together to learn from each other.

Communication leaders are no different.

Ketchum official Stephen Waddington created an interactive community in which communication professionals share publicity/media relations, branding, influencer relations and community focused articles through the #PRStack project.

PRStack includes a downloadable Google spreadsheet with more than 250 websites and apps used by communication professionals daily. Some of the websites are well-known names – Facebook, Google and Bitly to name a few. Other websites, such as Hey Press  – a searchable database to locate journalists, or  it’s sister site, JournoRequests  – a site monitoring journalists’ Twitter feeds as they seek sources and Canva – which allows average people to design eye-popping websites.

Since it requires other people to bestow articles to the project, it is an open-source venture.

Nearly 20 SEO, blogging, content creation and public relations professionals submit stories they write to #PRStack.

The e-book can be downloaded or a printed book can be purchased.