Attend High School = Diploma + Associate degree

Students at Spruce High School will soon start earning course credit for college courses as they complete their basic studies.

Spruce, a fixture of the Pleasant Grove community of Dallas, is adding an Early College High School curriculum designed to educate students in Graphic Design, HVAC, Digital Media and Mechatronics.

H. Grady Spruce High School

H. Grady Spruce High School in the
Pleasant Grove neighborhood of Dallas
(Photo courtesy of Flickr)

Students completing the program will graduate with an Associate Degree of Applied Science and a career certificate. Students can also enroll in the Academy of Engineering or Academy of Finance.

I’m thrilled these programs are being offered at my alma mater. All too often students from Pleasant Grove are dismissed as troublemakers, gang members and drug users.  Students living in Pleasant Grove are NOT bad kids. Most come from working class parents striving to improve the future for their families.  These advanced educational opportunities will not only boost the teenagers’ confidence, it will give them career-ready skills to help them achieve their dreams after graduation.