Wise PR tactic? Offering VIP editorial meeting

Could an offer to pull back the editorial curtain result in a boon to the Dallas Morning News?

DMN email-blasted its digital newspaper subscribers on Sept. 10 offering people a chance to sit in on an editorial board meeting. (Granted it’s the editorial board meeting for DMN‘s  “The Points” section, the paper’s op-ed section, which runs in the Sunday paper.

This tactic is a very interesting public relations move. For people not in the

DMN offers editorial board mtg

Dallas Morning News email blast offering chance for VIPs to attend editorial board meeting.

communications field, this can appear very intriguing. After all most people wonder how news editors make the decision on what stories get ink and which ones hit the newsroom cutting floor.

Could this result in people feeling more in control of what they see in the paper’s printed and online editions? DMN could also use this as a way to gauge public input and views on a variety of topics as we head into a heated 2016 election season. Young public relations professionals could also use this opportunity to learn more about the inner newspaper workings by making valuable contacts and tips on how to get their clients’ stories published.

In the past few years newspaper readership has steadily declined as the internet and various apps take control vying for the ever decreasing public’s attention span.

The email hit email inboxes just 24 hours before 40 well-known newspaper employees – including some columnists, journalists, editors and photography staff
– left the building for the last time during the latest DMN Media Buyout.

This in itself will require more relationship building for public relations professionals as the new and younger reporters will need to be educated regarding policies the veterans have understood for decades.