Knowing When to Comment or Just Stay Quiet

People on social media swiftly made their frustrations and disapproval known as nurses posted images of themselves with stethoscopes . This movement went viral very quickly, with the the hashtag #Nursesunited quickly trending.

I find it hard how some people in today’s up-to-the-second world do not understand the power of social media – especially Facebook, Twitter and memes. The View co-host Joy Behar asked why the nurse was wearing a stethoscope. Actually, I found Behar’s co-host Michelle Collins was cruel in the way she spoke and joked about Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson’s performance.

Behar and Collins are television and media veterans. They know (or read: should know) how off-hand comments can backfire. Engaging the public, the number of tweets and other analytics is the rule by which all the media industry runs. Knowing this it does make me wonder if The View‘s hosts and their counterparts purposely say the most outrageous things to get more hits.

Media officials at ABC got a huge response. Two huge advertisers – Eggland’s Best and Johnson & Johnson dropped their advertisements from the airways. Without knowing the exact financial hit ABC took – it is fair to say it was not a welcomed result of Monday’s broadcast.

Behar apologized a day later, saying she spoke without thinking. “It’s not like I was trying to be funny. It was just stupid and inattentive. I didn’t know what the hell I was talking about,” Behar said on Tuesday’s The View telecast.

The lesson to be learned is if you do not understand what is under discussion keep your comments to yourself. Especially if you have a videocamera is pointed in your face. That way you don’t come across as an idiot or worse – degrading an entire profession for their dedication to keep you and your loved ones alive.

Personally, I think nurses are amazing. Thank you nurses for your tireless support to your patients. Hopefully next time people – especially on-air television hosts – will engage their brain before words come out.